White Wine
Prosecco Frizzante D.O.C.

The wine has a bright straw yellow color. It has a clean and pleasantly soft flavor. it has a delicate and characteristic bouquet, with a moderate and fair body structure. An outstanding aperitif, it is also ideal for fish or white meat menus. To be served at a temperature of: 8-10 °C.

Verduzzo Frizzante

The wine has a yellow color with greenish hints. It is obtained from the fermentation process in steel barrels at a controlled temperature. It has a delicate and fruity flavor. It has a pleasant, harmonious and lovable flavor. Ideal as a "conversational" wine. It is a great wine for appetizers or with fish or eggs plates. To be served at a temperature of: 8-10 °C.

Manzoni bianco

This prestigious wine is made from the hybridization of Pinot Bianco and Riesling Renano. It has a straw yellow color and a noble aroma that evokes spring flowers. Perfect for every occasion, it is ideal for accompanying soups, first course plates of vegetables, and main courses with fish. To be served at a temperature of: 10-12 °C

Pinot Grigio

The wine has an intense straw yellow color that recalls wildflowers and yellow pulp fruit. It is ideal for accompanying appetizers, in particular cold cuts, fish and white meats. It can also be served for aperitivo. To be served at a temperature of 10-12°C.